This Has Got To Be The Most Hilariously Random Road Rage Incident Ever. For Real.

Video cameras placed on the dashboard of cars, know as Dashcams, are really widespread in Russia as a form of sousveillance. This is when “the recording of an activity by a participant in the activity,” meaning a person willingly records themselves with a small camera. It’s used as additional evidence in court and as a guard against insurance fraud. But more importantly, they serve as a way to document all those hilariously random moments Russia is starting to be known for due to dashcam footage on YouTube.

Random moments like this bit of road rage, which really there are no words to describe, you seriously have to watch this to believe it.

(Source: YouTube)

I doubt that guy will ever tell a soul what happened that day…admitting you got taught a lesson by a van full of dudes dressed as woodland critters and some animated characters might be a bit embarrassing.

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