The World’s Only Hair Museum Is Really Cool, But Also Totally Creepy. Yikes.

Leila’s Hair Museum is, believe it or not, the only museum that’s dedicated entirely to hair and hair art in the world. By default, it’s the best hair museum in the world. Even if a competitor were to pop up, they’d have a difficult time trumping Leila Cohoon’s collection. She doesn’t just decorate her walls with random strands of hair, the works that call her museum home are actual art. While hair art might not be something you’re familiar with, it’s definitely worth checking out. There’s actually quite a few cool things that the right artist can do with that stuff on top of your head.

Leila of Leila’s Hair Museum

Hair Sculpture

Close Up of a Larger Hair Wreath

A Wall of Hair Wreaths

3D Hair Art

Hair Wreath

Hair Wreath

Elvis Presley’s Hair

Abraham Lincoln’s Hair

(via Lost at E Minor)

Wow. Those are some really impressive pieces. Especially when you consider how many people don’t even know what to do with their hair when they get out of the shower.

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