This Photographer And Her Bunny Have Epic Photo Shoots. It’s Just Too Cute.

Shota Tsukamoto and her rabbit, Enid, are quite the pair. Not only do they enrich each other’s lives, but they make their Instagram followers happier with their photo shoots. Despite the amazing images and the love pouring from them, the two only have around 1,000 followers. This will surely change once people get a look at the fun pictures they post on a regular basis. If you’re not following them already, these are the sort of good times you’re missing out on. Check them out!

Video Games


Don’t Grow Up, It’s A Trap


Shots and Enid

(via Shota Tsukamoto, H/T MOARRR)

How adorable. These two sure seem to have fun together. For more from Shota and Enid, follow them on Instagram.

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