A Family Explored An Old Building They Owned And Found A Historic Jackpot.

A Redditor by the name of oktober75 recently posted about an old building his grandparents own. He and his family had been told there was a vintage shoe store on the first floor, but no one had entered the store for decades. They finally decided to go inside and check it out, and what they found was pretty awesome (albeit super dusty). What was inside of this building was a historic jackpot and an awesome time capsule.

This store hadn’t been opened for years. It had definitely accumulated some dust in the interim.

The family entered the old store and discovered a huge collection of old shoes.

Walls and walls of shoes. All paired and boxed and ready to go.

The family decided that they were gonna do some looking around, and see if they could find anything good.

They found some stylish shoes for ladies – still in great condition after years of being in storage.

People wearing these many of these styles of shoes today. It appears that the family has stumbled upon a pretty awesome collection.

(via: reddit.com)

I don’t know about you, but I would definitely be down to go looking through this collection to see what I could find. No more flip-flips for me. 

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