This Floor Is Made Entirely Of Old, Thrown Out Pennies And It Looks Great

Redditor jake0111‘s wife works in a tile store. When his wife decided that she was through with staring at traditional tile, he decided to do something crazy. Despite how wild of an idea it might be, you can certainly say it makes cents.

Instead of turning to traditional tile, jake0111 made an entire floor out of old pennies. He used around 20,000 pennies total. $200 for a new floor that will undoubtedly get compliments for years? Not bad. See how jake0111 went about installing this non-traditional but nonetheless awesome looking floor.  

Not a bad start.

Looks like installing this unique tile alternative might take a while.

Oh, awesome. A helper.

What a difference an extra pair of hands makes.

Love that design.

It’s all coming together.

Great job!

(via jake0111)

I didn’t think a floor made of pennies would look good, but man, was I wrong. I hope he left all of those pennies heads up for good luck.

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