An Artist Tattoos Her Family and Friends in a Simple, But Beautiful, Way.

A tattoo can be the ultimate personal form of expression. Tattoos can tell a tale or announce something to the world. No matter what, it’s a reflection of the person in the way they want to be perceived. That’s why getting one, and more importantly finding the right person to make your dream a reality, is so important… and expensive.

But artist Stanislava Pinchuk, aka Miso, doesn’t see it that way. Instead, she’s only concerned about creating simple beauty in this world; no cash required. Her only request?

That you be her friend.

Working in Tokyo and Melbourne, all her works are “home-made tattoos for friends and friends of friends, playing with memory, space and geography turned back on body, all completed as trades.”

“So far, I’ve really just kept it as a trade system, and only for friends – it’s too important and intimate for me to take money for, at this stage.”

“A trade for what someone feels its worth – maybe they teach me a skill in return, cook me dinner, give me a book I would love, assistant work, whiskey.”

“You never know, but everyone feels good about it, which I like.”

“But more and more, I feel like it’s becoming a bigger part of my practice.”

Considering her incredible talent, let’s hope she considers opening up her work to others in the near future.

In the meantime, enjoy her “portfolio.”

And let’s be dazzled together.

(via DeMilked)

I promised my mother that I’d never get a tattoo. But after seeing the simple beauty of Miso’s work, I must say something has resonated with me. Do you feel it too? If so, check out more of her work on her blog, and perhaps we’ll both defy our mother’s expectations.

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