If You Think You Can Tell What These Things Are Made From, Take A Closer Look.

You can thank artist Livio de Marchi for taking the craft of woodcarving to where it is today. In Livio’s world, you can hang your wooden jacket in your wooden home that you drove to in your wooden car (and an amphibious one, at that). He’s that good.

Tons of people have great ideas, but few can put them into being like Livio de Marchi. While many of his works are inventive, there’s certainly no craftsmanship lost. Take a look.

Wooden Jacket

Wooden Jacket and Tie.

Wooden Purse

Wooden Hat

Wooden Ballerina Slippers

Wooden Books

Now that you have your outfit ready, take a look at the car.

Wooden Car

Yeah, it’s amphibious!

Wooden House

Sure, there are plenty of wooden houses…

…But most of them aren’t furnished entirely by one’s own wooden works.


These are some amazing wooden works. Don’t think so? Try taking the Mona Lisa out for a spin in your local lake.

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