25 Ways You Can Turn Your Old Trash Into New Treasure. It’s Genius.

Stop throwing away your stuff! Recycling is an important way to keep our environment healthy and definitely something I encourage you all to do, if you’re not already. … but saving the environment isn’t the only benefit of recycling. These tips may convince you to take a second peak at your used goods before tossing them in the bin. You can have fun hanging on to some of those unwanted items and transforming them into cute accessories for your home!

There are lots of things you can do to old items you’d normally throw away. It might sound a little weird, but when you see these crafty things you can do with everyday items you might never throw anything away again! Take a look.

1.) Turn old books into cute shelves.

2.) Make a cute curtain out of old photo slides.

3.) Keep your bagel fresh in a cd holder.

4.) Use an old door as a standing mirror frame.

5.) Old rackets also make great mirror frames.

6.) Turn burnt out light bulbs into candles.

7.) Turn a chair into a towel rack.

8.) Make a serving tray using an old photo frame.

9.) Use an empty ketchup bottle to easily store and use pancake batter.

10.) Turn an old computer tower into a mail box.

11.) Make library card catalogues feel useful again as mini-bars.

12.) Use old wine bottles, bowels and plastic tubs to create light shades.

13.) Plug up the holes in your fence with marbles.

14.) Organize your pantry with these hanging shoe cubbies.

15.) Make a coffee table out of an old door.

16.) Use binder clips to organize your desk wires.

17.) Hang your keys using old LEGO pieces.

18.) Use toilet paper rolls to organize your loose cords.

19.) Use a corkboard to organize your jewelry.

20.) Use an old suitcase to create a medicine cabinet.

21.) Use a binder clip as a convenient keyring and money clip combo.

22.) Make adorable end tables out of vintage suitcases.

23.) Give your utensils a bend and use them as hooks.

24.) Keep your paper plates sturdy at your picnic with frisbees.

25.) Create a desk from old books.

(via Twisted Sifter.)

Time to really sort through that recycling! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure (or maybe your own trash is a treasure already). Share these cool projects with your friends using the buttons below.

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