This Guy Creates Intricate Works Of Art On The Skulls Of Fallen Animals

Peter Deligdisch likes to draw (according to his website, As simple as his website is, what he draws is anything but. The 23-year-old artist specializes in intricate designs featuring repeating patterns weaving in and out of each other to create something scattered but unified all at the same time. He calls these “doodles.”

One of his favorite things to doodle on are skulls of dead creatures using either ink or by burning the surface (a technique called pyrography). What he does to them would be at home on any heavy metal band’s album sleeve.

Black Bear Skull Pyrography.

Red Fox Skull Pyrography.

White Tail Deer Skull Pyrography.

Red Fox Skull Inked.

White Tail Deer Inked.

Bison Skull Inked.

White Tail Deer Black and UV Inked.

Bison Skull Black and UV Inked.

If you liked that, also check out Peter’s YouTube channel where he candidly shows you how he drew his book, which is available on Amazon.

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