Shain Erin’s Dolls Could Give Your Children Nightmares For Life. Downright Weird.

Shain Erin is an artist who makes detailed, one-of-a-kind dolls by hand. But there is one thing that sets Erin’s work apart: her dolls are unbelievably creepy.

These are the dolls that you come for you in your nightmares. Yet there is something strangely compelling about them. Check out a few of them below to see what I mean. So creepy.

1.) Just plain unsettling.

2.) Some sort of octopus monster.

3.) What the…?

4.) This one will haunt my dreams tonight.

5.) Tall and scary.

6.) I wish I knew what this doll was supposed to be made out of.

7.) Three faces.

8.) “Greetings from the spirit world.”

9.) I hope that’s not real hair.

10.) Ghostly.

11.) This one looks so much like a corpse, it’s disturbing.

12.) Flying dragon monster of doom?

13.) This one could also double as a nifty keychain.

14.) I think this guy is having a bad day.

15.) The original Corpse Bride.

16.) Chewbacca?

17.) “Hello, I’d like to eat your flesh, please.”

18.) The royal monster.

These look like they would definitely come to life at night to cause havoc. No thank you.

For more from Shain Erin, make sure to check out her website and follow her on Facebook.

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