This Artist’s Sculptures Are Quite Disturbing. This is What Nightmares Look Like.

Monica Piloni is a Brazilian artist whose work might just be the creepiest thing you see all day. Piloni’s sculptures are visceral and shocking in the best sense of the words. Her art is on a whole new level, and she isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable.

We put together a few of her best pieces for you to check out. Just wait until you get down to #9. It might give you nightmares.

1.) This piece from 2012 is called “Ópio,” and it’s really disturbing.

2.) I’m pretty sure I’ve had nightmares that look like this.

3.) What exactly is supposed to be happening here?

4.) This piece also incorporates synthetic hair for that extra unsettling touch.

5.) This is a creation made of bronze from 2006 called “Casal.”

6.) This is actually a collection of similar, smaller pieces called “Concave&Convex.”

7.) Well ok…I wish I knew what to make of this one.

8.) I think this is suppose to be a human head served on some kind of platter. Great.

9.) How about a chair shaped like the human body? This unsettling piece of furniture is called “Cadeira.”

10.) The detail on the face of this one is amazing…and freaky.

I’m not sure whether I should be in awe or be scared. Regardless, you have to admit that Piloni does an amazing job of realizing her vision of art. For more from Monica Piloni, make sure to visit her website.

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