These Paintings Are so Realistic, You’ll Think They’re Photographs. Amazing.

Kyle Barnes is an artist in Northern Ireland doing some truly amazing things with his artwork. If you didn’t see Kyle working on one of his pieces with his brush and smell the scent of oil paint in the air, you’d think his pieces were photographs. Some of them are so realistic that, if you saw him touching up his works, you might ask, “Why is that guy dragging a paint brush along that photograph?”

Kyle won the Towry Art Award at National Open Art Competition and The KPMG Young Artist Award at The RUA Belfast, which come as no surprise when you see his art. Take a look at some of his pieces below and try to remember they’re paintings.   




Kyle working on “Stephen”


Kyle working on “Fixation”

Kyle admiring his work…

The artist and his art.

(via Kyle Barnes, IGNANT)

Incredible! Who needs a camera when you have Kyle Barnes around? If you’re interested in seeing more of his work, check out his website or follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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