This Artist Led A Tortured Life, But It Wasn’t As Creepy As His Paintings…

Zdzisaw Beksiski’s paintings are more than a little creepy. You might call them downright disturbing. Beksiski was a Polish painter and sculptor who specialized in the field of “Utopian Art.” For years, Beksiski made a life for himself creating his unique brand of grim, gothic paintings.

Things took a sharp turn for Beksiski in the late 1990s. His wife died in 1998, and his son committed suicide on Christmas Eve 1999. Beksiski never recovered from the death of his son. A little over five years later in February 2005, Beksiski was murdered in his Warsaw apartment. He received 17 stab wounds, two of which proved fatal. With such a tragic ending, it’s no wonder that Beksiski works are so strangely creepy. 

1.) A blood red sunrise.

2.) Melancolia.

3.) Cart of the damned.

4.) Searching for comfort in a hostile world.

5.) The wisdom of elders.

6.) The trees of life.

7.) I’d love a copy of this one for my apartment wall.

8.) Gravestones upon gravestones.

9.) Looks like someone or something running to safety.

10.) Stranded and all alone.

11.) Many eyes.

12.) Faces within a face.

13.) I wish I knew what was actually going on here.

14.) An ocean of garbage.

15.) Riding together.

16.) An abandoned church.

17.) Well this one will be haunting my dreams.

18.) An ancient throne.

19.) I’m not sure why, but I find this one very disturbing.

20.) Some sort of ocean scene?

21.) This one is really powerful.

22.) I can’t look away from this one.

23.) Is that a face of pain or serenity?

24.) Looking toward a brighter future.

25.) What the…?!

26.) Listening…

27.) Floating away.

28.) Feeling the pressure.

29.) Looking out onto the world from a hidden place.

30.) Doorway to another world?

31.) Under a living sky.

Via: Reddit

These paintings are disturbing, but still beautiful in a strange way. You can find more art from Beksiski here on Facebook and on the artist’s official website.

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