These Vintage Photos Of Headless People Are A Lot Less Morbid Than You Might Think.

During the Victorian era people were really obsessed with death. We’ve already discussed how people back then loved to take photos of and with their dead relatives. But another morbid Victorian photography practice might be even worse. 

Back before the age of digital photography, people had to develop and alter their photos manually. This led of course to the practice what became known as “headless photography.” That is, photography that made it look like the subject was headless or holding their own head, when in fact they weren’t.

1.) The process to get these photos was relatively simple actually.

2.) A photographer would simply combine and layer multiple photo negatives to create the desired effect.

3.) The practice became quite popular for a time, and photographers who could do it charged a premium for the service.

4.) Even though they’re fake, some of the these photos are pretty darned disturbing if you don’t look closely enough.

5.) The cane just makes this one very classy.

6.) “A tragic sword fighting accident I’m afraid…”

7.) Having his own head served on a silver platter.

8.) This would have been a really dignified photo if not for the head…

9.) The body giving the head a lesson.

10.) Still standing tall, even after losing his head.

11.) Contemplating her own head. Yeah, this is mega-creepy.

12.) I think this guy needs to take some fencing lessons. He’s doing it wrong.

13.) What the heck is supposed to be going on here? Talk about a twisted family portrait.

14.) I’ve never seen a more angry looking dismembered head.

15.) Her eyes say it all, “I wish my husband’s head was actually cut off.”

16.) Even old ladies got in on the fun.

17.) Having lunch with his head.

18.) Some people look like they’re having a good time “holding their own heads.”

19.) They really went all out on this photo. Maybe they actually did it? No way…right?

Via: Vintag

Modern society is just as obsessed with death as people were back then, but there’s something about these Victorian-era photos that are just extra creepy. Maybe it’s just knowing how much work it’d take to make these headless photos…

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