You’ll Never Look At These Animals The Same Again After Reading This.

Face it: it all have strange, stupid thoughts (and mainly while we’re in the shower). After you have one float through your brain, you might just want to slap yourself… but don’t! Those ideas are golden.

Have you ever had a weird epiphany about the natural world around you? It’s one of the best things to think about if you want to feel really strange about this planet you live on. 

So get ready to feel weird.

1.) Angelman sounds less intimidating though.

2.) Cream of the crop.

3.) Will we ever know when it is?

4.) So…Splinter was a squirrel?

5.) Where are their clam bikinis?

6.) Wait until the beat drops.

7.) Except they’re real.

8.) That would have been AWESOME. We chose wrong.

9.) Except much less poisonous.

10.) And just as freaky.

11.) Oh brother.

12.) And they probably don’t care either.

13.) This one is a thinker.

14.) Glad they aren’t just as big as T. Rexes.

15.) Poor slugs.

16.) Couldn’t be more true.

17.) Wow, they are putting us to shame.

18.) But it’s TRUE!

19.) I still do.

20.) Don’t eat them though.

 …whoa. No matter how stupid these sound, I’m still a little blown away. Now, I’m going to forever call bats “angel rats.”

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