These Tiny Sculptures Were Made WHERE!? I’m Not Sure How This Was Even Possible.

Recep Alcamli is a chemical engineering student from Turkey who moonlights as an amazing sculptor of tiny art. In his free time, Alcamli creates tiny, intricate carvings out of graphite on the tip of pencils. These carvings are a sight to behold.

Just wait until you see #13. I can’t believe his hands were steady enough for it.

1.) Tiny, dancing man.

2.) Rock and Roll!

3.) A diner table and chairs.

4.) The friendly owl man.

5.) Peace, Love, and Tiny Art.

6.) The patience it must take to get those numbers…just wow.

7.) Quite the fashionable footwear.

8.) Sweet bicycle.

9.) He’s deadly serious about his art.

10.) We heart you, too.

11.) Not sure if this is supposed to be an apple or a pumpkin.

12.) Recep spelling his name.

13.) I am blown away by this one. You have to have steady hands for this work.

14.) How the…!? This is amazing.

15.) The key to your heart.

16.) You have to be careful not to sneeze when you’re doing this.

17.) That acoustic guitar looks better than the one I have at home.

18.) A screwdriver.

19.) A sword for ants.

20.) Who is that supposed to be?

21.) A nice little railway tunnel.

22.) Abstract.

23.) I wonder how long it takes him to create each of these sculptures…

24.) A tiny majestic eagle.

Via: Bored Panda

This makes me wish I were talented in the visual arts. It’s also doubly amazing because Alcamli is doing this while studying full time to be a chemical engineer. For more tiny, amazing carvings, make sure to follow Alcamli on Facebook.

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