This Adorable Little Farm Girl Has Some Very Big Beasts As Best Friends.

Dubai-based photographer Jacqui Nightscape spends her career capturing the big moments in her clients’ lives. This typically means pointing her lens at brides or babies, though sometimes an incredible subject in a mundane setting is enough.

That was the case when she snapped these incredible shots of a little farm girl surrounded by giant friends. Most kids would run screaming, but not this brave girl.

The brahma bulls stand by her side with a protective stance.

Jacqui was inspired by the obvious amount of mutual respect and innocence between the small girl and the bulls.

She clearly feels right at home among the massive animals.

Maybe they recognized a similar spirit in the little farm girl.

Don’t worry: mom and dad were nearby in case of emergency.

But I don’t think this fierce girl felt anything but joy during the whole day.

(via Bored Panda.)

Jacqui couldn’t disagree more with the old adage, “Never work with children or animals.” In fact, she had such a great time, she’s hopeful for more opportunities to work with both again as soon as possible. Head over to her website to find even more gorgeous photos.

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