These Places Made Lounging Into Beautiful Art. I Want To Go To There…NOW.

Being able to sit, lounge and nap during free time is one of the greatest things we can enjoy. It’s a simple respite from everyday life that everyone needs. These architects and designers who have perfected the art of resting on your bum.

And I need to sit in all of these. Immediately.

1.) A pirate’s dinner booth.

2.) The above-water living room.

3.) On a boat through Colmar, France.

4.) Dine in the trees like the Ewoks.

5.) European car-boats.

6.) The reading room with a forest wall.

7.) The pool with the breathtaking view.

8.) Hanging out Eastern style.

9.) Be a basket-case.

10.) Hang out in the huts on the hill.

11.) Palm tree swing.

12.) Hot tub boat.

13.) Not entirely sure what this is, but I’d sure like to sit in it.

14.) Breakfast by the shore.

15.) Natural pools.

16.) Row, row, row your boat.

17.) Be the queen of the lily pads.

18.) This house that comes with a secret swing for two.

19.) Make your own oasis.

20.) Allow your vacation to move at glacial speed.

21.) Hammock on Dedon Island.

22.) These water chairs also double as bumper boats.

23.) Screw the house by the lake, this house is IN the lake.

24.) Treehouse remix.

25.) Chillin’ on an alpaca.

26.) The endless pool.

27.) I hope this pool is heated.

28.) One with the woods.

29.) The warmest place in town.

30.) The most romantic sliver of rock.

Man oh man, give me a tropical cocktail and let me relax in one of these epic lounge spots! Summer may be over, but Sitting Season never ends.

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