Here Are Seriously Impressive Pumpkin Carvings. They’re No Ordinary Gourds.

It’s finally fall and you know what that means: your porch is in desperate need of a jack-o-lantern.

Instead of the same old silly face you create every year, why not try to kick it up a notch with your carving knife? Take a look at some of these impressive pumpkins and you’ll definitely get inspired to give your own fancy gourd a shot. They’re extra-gourd-inary!

1.) A geometric gourd.

2.) Peek-a-b—omg.

3.) Who needs a lampshade when you have a pumpkin?

4.) Some scary skull action.

5.) This guy has a serious case of helmet hair.

6.) Can you see the meta-pumpkin through the trees?

7.) These eyes are spooky realistic.

8.) Jack Skellington sends his regards.

9.) This would look great at Hogwarts.

10.) A Dia De Los Muertos homage.

11.) I hope this Death Star isn’t as vulnerable as the original.

12.) “Ugh, it still has its seeds.”

13.) Make use of the stem AND the olives no one in your house likes!

14.) Thank goodness this pumpkin is against cannibalism.

15.) This pumpkin is for The Birds.

16.) This guy is clearly judging you…

17.) Where the wild pumpkins are.

18.) This is a gorgeous Ganesha-gourd.

19.) I think this guy has a headache.

20.) This pumpkin had too much sugar.

21.) The last samurai pumpkins.

22.) With great pumpkins comes great responsibility.

23.) Legos creating their own likeness.

24.) Much fancier than a regular bouquet.

25.) What a dreamy carousel.

26.) Spooky shapes.

27.) Good news: rotting pumpkins can get in the fun too.

28.) Those poor oranges never saw it coming.

29.) This extraterrestrial is way creepier than E.T.

30.) Howl-oween.

31.) A pumpkin fit for a Khaleesi.

32.) This is a pumpkin feast.

33.) This pumpkin has some things to say.

34.) Art gecko.

35.) This sea turtle seems just fine on land.

36.) Ouch…

37.) Puss in Boots has never looked cuter.

38.) Wolfman seems less scary in gourd form.

39.) You’d look this mad if you tried to breathe through a pumpkin, too.

40.) Yep. This is what the child of Slimer from Ghostbusters and Tooie from Little Shop of Horrors would look like.

41.) Gourd sweet gourd.

(H/T: This Old House.)

Now you’re ready to crack open your own pumpkin and see what you can do. We can’t wait to see what you make!

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