Is This A Floating Building, Or Something Else Entirely? Either Way, It’s Stunning.

Don’t be alarmed. Yes, this building is floating, or at least it looks like it is. This 40-foot art installation in London’s Covent Garden Market is the work of British illusionist Alex Chinneck. No matter how long and hard you stare at this facade, it’s hard to see what’s really going on here.

This is Alex Chinneck, pictured here with his creation. The building copies the style of the 184-year-old one behind it.

The building appears to float ten feet above the ground.

The building is mostly made from steel and filcor, and is supported by a four ton counterweight.

Only Chinneck knows where the counterweight is and how it makes the building appear to float.

I am blown away by this amazing feat of art and modern engineering.

Say cheese!

H/T: Huffington Post

If you find yourself in London this month, you can check out this floating building in Covent Garden Market until October 24th. Make sure to also check out more amazing art from Alex Chinneck on his website.

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