These Headlines Actually Made It To The Paper? Oh boy…

As a writer, I often show sympathy for typos found in others’ work. This may sound weird, but I find difficult at times to negotiate between the writing voice in your head and the typing voice. Does that make sense?

…I’ll let my editor take that one on. In any case, here are some hilariously bad newspaper headlines that not even I could defend:

1.) If jokes were like baseball, this would be a ‘bunt’. Or should I say “blunt.”

2.) What did they expect to find? Monkey pirates?

3.) Hmm, why is that?

4.) You’re off the hook, swimming bugs.

5.) Indeed. No need to ford the river like in pioneer times.

6.) Viralnova rarely has such conferences.

7.) Cause science!

8.) Who says size doesn’t matter?

9.) Aw get that headline away from that sweet lady’s face please.

10.) Well there you go.

11.) I feel like this would be more front page worthy if like 6 of them came to life.

12.) Maybe one day they’ll learn how to spell their own state?

13.) I feel like this is what East Coast city folk think people from the Midwest talk like.

14.) You mean the mausoleum in the graveyard? That one has caskets?

15.) Nike needs to mind its own business.

16.) Who were they hiring before? Monkey pirates?

17.) “That’ll show them.”–Kids

18.) Wait, how does age work again?

19.) Poison?

20.) A-Rod is doing retirement right.

21.) Someone just sat The Winchester Star down to talk the birds and the bees.

22.) I highly doubt it.

23.) The conspiracy gets bigger: studies have shown that 100% of deaths occur after the victims were alive for many hours.

24.) Because mutant turtles eat pizza down there?

To make more posts like these, I’ll just create (and keep) my own spelling and grammar flubs. That way, I could write a post listing all the posts I’ve done that have hilariously huge spelling and grammar mistakes… and then that post would have a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. It would be a never ending cycle. Success!

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