This Insanely Awesome Jet Suite Is Better Than My Home. It’s The Only Way To Fly.

Flying isn’t that much fun. The seats in economy keep getting smaller, the baggage fees keep increasing, and, oh yeah, sometimes this happens. However, for the low price of just $18,400, you can have your own private suite with gourmet food, a beverage service, and a full-size double bed. Prepare to be jealous.

Intrepid blogger Derek Low cashed in his frequent flyer miles and booked a suite for the trip from Singapore to New York City. Here’s what he saw.  

Since 2008, Singapore Airlines has offered their rich and famous guests the option of their own private suite on the airplane.

Each of these private cabins feature a cozy leather armchair, a flat screen TV, and unlimited food and beverages. Most importantly, each suite has a full sized double bed.

You can book one of these suites for your next international flight from Singapore to New York City for the reasonable price of around $18,000.

As a bonus to spending a fortune on a plane ticket, you are treated the experience of a lifetime. Starting with the access to “The Private Room” at the Singapore airport.

This is a lounge beyond first class, and full of endless luxury.

A panoramic shot of The Private Room.

A sample of the food in The Private Room. U.S. Prime Beef Burger with Foie Gras, Rocket Leaf, and Fried Quail Egg. No big deal.

Here are the private cabins aboard the plane.

A top-down view of a cabin. Amazing.

The wall in the middle slides up as a divider.

Of course the first thing to do when you board the plane is get a glass of Dom Pérignon.

Along with a copy of every newspaper they have on board.

Here is Derek all buckled in and ready for take off.

Each suite has a pair of Bose noise canceling headphones.

And a Salvatore Ferragamo toiletry kit.

Fully stocked of course.

Service in the suites includes unlimited beverages of the highest quality. Just look at that coffee menu.

I’d like one, please.

After coffee, it’s time to settle in and watch a movie.

Then it’s dinner time. This is just one of the meals from the entire 5-course dinner you’re served.

After dinner, it’s time for bed. When the adjacent suite is unoccupied, the two combine to form a full-sized bed.

That looks like the most comfortable thing in the world.

When the other suite is occupied though, you have to settle for the single bed.

You need to brush your teeth before you drift off to sleep. Here’s a shot of the suite area bathroom. So luxurious.

Since the trip from Singapore to New York City is a long one, you get another meal before departing after your long journey. How about some U.S. Grilled Prime Beef Fillet?

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I wish I could travel in style like this. There is nothing worse than traveling in economy seating. I’ll have to take out a bank loan to afford one of these suites.

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