These Guys Are Really Two-Faced (But In The Best Way). Nature Is Awesome.

Animals are the master of blending into their environment and being stealthy. After all, it’s a requirement to stay alive, even for predators. But what happens when nature takes a turn and tosses in a few genetic mutations? 

You get some awesome coloring. These two-faced creatures are amazing to look at (but I worry about their luck at catching dinner):

1.) This Rose Breasted Grosbeak is both two faced…and a little plump.

2.) A peacock only a mother could love.

3.) We’re beting this Silver Washed Fritillary is super bad at hide and go seek.

4.) Yellow Bellied Slider, e.g., that turtle your kids got tired of.

5.) Mr. Cardinal, why the deception?

6.) It’s called a Zebra Finch. Seriously.

7.) A Common Blue Butterfly that isn’t so common.

8.) This Fly isn’t so fly.

9.) This Goliath Birdwing Butterfly is seriously messed up.

10.) This jungle nymph will haunt my dreams tonight.

11.) A Lacewing Butterfly with some serious decoy issues.

12.) How is this Moth not fake?!

13.) This parakeet is straight out of the movie Rio.

14.) Orange Tip Butterfly. The name says it all.

These guys may not do well in the “camouflage” department, but they certainly are lookers. Coloring mutations (like heterchromia in the eyes) is a normal genetic anomaly… but it does look out of this world.

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