These Beautiful Views Of Nature Come From Some Rather Unlikely Sources.

When you see the views from some of these rooms, you’ll be wondering why you don’t spend more time in dilapidated houses. There’s something about how the decrepitude of the walls frame the windowpanes and really make the beautiful nature scenes on the other side of them pop like a Rose Period Picasso against a boring gray backdrop. The photography is done by an Australian photographer who posts the pictures under the name Urbexography. Their eye for the perfect abandoned homes to take these photos in is truly remarkable. It’s hard to say exactly what Urbexography’s work will make you feel, but you’ll feel it, that’s for sure. 

Well, this place certainly looks bleak.

And it looks like someone else has been here before.

Whoever it was didn’t seem to feel like cleaning up, huh?

Maybe that’s because they’re were too busy being on the inside, looking out.

That’s a hard view to top.

This seriously looks like a painting.

It looks like it wants to come in.

Maybe they left his place to go live in the woods?


I think I would have just unpacked my sleeping and spent the rest of my life at this spot.

Imagine waking up to that every morning.

(via Urbexography)

Incredible. It almost looks as if the outdoors is a television that’s meant to entertain the walls of these derelict domiciles. For more or Urbexography’s work, check out their personal website and Facebook page.

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