She Posted These Pictures To Facebook, But Little Did Her Friends Know…

You may not like this prank, but there’s no way it won’t make you think about how you use social media. Zilla van den Born is a graphic design student in the Netherlands who used a school assignment as the jumping off point for an elaborate prank that questions the very meaning of “reality” and how people view things they see on websites like Facebook. Take a look!

Check out the video below to see the reactions of her friends and family when they found out Zilla’s vacation was nothing but an experiment.   

Sjezus zeg, Zilla – de onthulling/reacties from Zilla van den Born on Vimeo.

Using Photoshop, Zilla mocked up a bunch of images to make it look like she was on a five-week long journey.

After she made the images, she would post them on Facebook to make her family and friends think she was on vacation.

Why wouldn’t they think that? They are pretty convincing. And they did.

But why? What is it about seeing something on social media that makes people take it at face value?

(via Design Taxi)

Wow. It looks like an awful lot of work went into this project. Seems like Zilla could use a vacation from her fake vacation.

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