22 Creepy Makeup Tricks To Treat Yourself With This Halloween.

Growing up doesn’t mean you have to stop caring about dressing up for Halloween. In fact, you now have the freedom to embrace all the spooky fun without worrying about your mom’s less than stellar sewing skills. 

And if you know your way around a makeup kit, you can create a creepy look for yourself that won’t even require a costume to complete. 

1.) Crystal clear skin.

2.) All eyes on you.

3.) A very sad clown.

4.) Creepy cheshire cat.

5.) Double features.

6.) Lady Two Face.

7.) Eye-mouth.

8.) Disturbing doll.

9.) Patched up zombie.

10.) Eye mask.

11.) Zipper face.

12.) Zombie pin-up girl.

13.) Mouthless demon.

14.) Only a little alive.

15.) Snake eyes.

16.) Creaming creeper.

17.) Spiral out.

18.) Demon doll.

19.) Broken doll.

20.) Patchwork doll.

21.) Ventriloquist dummy.

22.) Face on, face off.

(via BuzzFeed.)

Unlike when your sister started drawing in her eyebrows, it’s okay to scream at the sight of someone sporting this makeup.

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