These Awfully Dangerous Toys Are Off The Market, Thank Goodness!

When you’re a kid, playing with toys is pretty much a guarantee. I know I played with a load of toys from age 2 until about 2 weeks ago. What unfortunately happens to those toys sometimes is that they are made quite haphazardly and even dangerously. That makes play time a little bit riskier than the ordinary play time. Lawsuits and injuries are way less fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Some of the more dangerous toys have been recalled and deemed too dangerous for production, like these…

1.) These throwing stars should never be introduced into a child’s play time.

2.) Easy Bake Ovens have been known to cause a lot of burns to the users. The oven actually gets very hot and if kids stick their fingers inside, they can get torched.

3.) If you’ve ever seen any kind of glass blowing, you’ll know that it require a lot of heat/fire. Not too smart to hand to children.

4.) Bucky Balls were a toy intended for adults who are bored at the office, but children got their hands and mouths on them and started swallowing them. The magnetic balls would cause intestinal problems because they’d stick together inside the swallower’s bowels.

5.) These fun beads used to make rad designs on surfaces contained a dark secret. If swallowed (which is a given) the children found a very unwelcome surprise. The aqua dots contained GHB, a date rape drug.

6.) These Creepy Crawlers would bake on a stove that got pretty extremely hot and caused burns to the kids playing with them.

7.) Sky Dancers would twist and twirl in the air launching from the ground. Also they would ram into children, knocking out teeth, bruising eyes, and even breaking ribs.

8.) This is a gun, guns are not toys. This little diddy would shoot pellets at the other children that would leave burns along with a very nasty sting.

9.) Snack Time Cabbage Patch Kids had a pretty horrific flaw in their design. They would eat anything placed in their mouths, pulling it down into the doll which is good for the play food given with the toy, not so good for kids who put their fingers or hair in the mouth.

10.) Kinder Surprise candy came with a doll inside the large egg, which is a delightful choking hazard!

11.) This is a knife. Don’t give children knives to play with.

12.) The Atomic Energy Lab seems pretty cool, but apparently it contained real Uranium Ore. For the villainous dictator in all of us.

13.) The gun would shoot out spark, which in turn would set things aflame. Not fun for children or adults.

14.) Sharp objects meant for throwing never end well with adults, let alone kids.

15.) The little cannon would shoot play cannon balls around 35 feet. That’s pretty insane and require a lot of velocity, leading to injuries.

16.) Slip n Slides are a summer time treat for kids who wish to have some water fun. Not so much for teens and adults who wish to join in on the fun. The toy can’t support the weight of larger bodies, and that sometimes leads to tragic incidences of paralysis and broken bones.

It’s hard to say how any of these products made it past the research teams (but judging by some of their vintage qualities, some of these companies probably didn’t believe in safety laws at the time). Glad I didn’t play with any of those when I was a kid. Dodged that bullet…or dart…or slip n slide. Share this post if you ever played with any of these toys or know someone who did.

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