These Models Got Paid To Pose In These Ridiculous Shoots? Well, Whatever Works.

People think the life of a model is all glamour shots and being famous. Well, what if I told you that it isn’t always as glamorous as it seems. All models have to start somewhere, and some of the places they start at are NOT pretty. I bet these people are thankful they aren’t doing this anymore.

1.) Accordion Pants

2.) Shredded Denim

3.) Lettuce Mouth

4.) Yeti Fresh

5.) Surfing The Net

6.) Plant Man

7.) Cactus Tongue

8.) Handy Man

9.) Whale Down Under

10.) Sad Balloon Animal

11.) Winnie The Pooh-Poohs

12.) Space Tube Men

13.) Big Mac Attack

14.) Red Hot Chili Pepper

15.) Man-Child

16.) Benjamin Button

17.) Nasal Drip

18.) Take This Shirt Off Of Me

19.) White Bread

20.) Disco Dude

21.) New York State Of Mind

22.) That’s Bologna

23.) Breakfast Babe

24.) This Sweater Is Eating Me

25.) Smooches

26.) Disney Mind Slave

27.) I Just Pooped

28.) I Really Just Pooped

29.) Lung Hand Me Down

30.) Smooches, Pt. 2

Hey, a check is a check. At least these people can say that they are professional models. That’s more than I can claim.

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