These Awesome Inventions Prove That We Are Living In A Crazy Futuristic World.

Most people are pretty impatient for new gadgets and inventions. They are always asking, “Where are the flying cars?” Guess what, we don’t have them yet, okay? But we do have some pretty incredible inventions already.

Here are some of the wildest inventions we already have. These just prove that the future is now

1.) A portable record player!

2.) A clock that writes down the time.

3.) This is where we came from. 128 GB at our fingertips.

4.) Chemically resistant clothes immune to stains.

5.) A keyboard that isn’t even really there!

6.) An app that translates languages.

7.) A wrap around bike.

8.) A trash can that will catch your trash wherever you throw it.

9.) An amazing pen that can write in any color you want.

10.) Portable printers.

11.) Solar powered iPhone chargers.

12.) A Drone camera that follows you wherever you go.

13.) This tree uprooter.

Society is way more advanced than you probably realized. Don’t take for granted what we have done in the past few decades. Humans have ventured to the moon, created vaccines… and hey, we even have iPhones now! 

Share these awesome inventions with others and remind them how good they have it.

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