These 5 Modern, Internet-Fueled Urban Legends Will Chill You To The Bone.

For centuries, urban legends have slowly spread across various cultures, mainly by word of mouth. Because of this, the legends become altered and skewed over the years. With the advent of the Internet, this giant game of “telephone” morphed into one on steroids. Millions of different tales began springing up, being distorted and shared to be reached by even more people.

Internet urban legends change, spread quickly and are absolutely terrifying.

The Holders.

This is a series of stories linked together by the same premise that there are 253 hidden items that, when brought together, will destroy the world. The stories are written as directions to find these items and their ‘holders’, and get gradually creepier as you go.


Slender Man is a faceless, elongated figure who is often depicted in pictures and in stories as an abductor. The strange, alien-like man wanders into playgrounds and schools to take children. He usually appears in the backgrounds of photos, unnoticed by parents.

Black-eyed Children.

These are demon children with eyes as black as their soul. They walk around in pairs, asking to be let inside homes and cars. …Once they are let inside, terror is unleashed.

The Rake.

People often spot this Gollum-like creature that has two large, glaring eyes. He is said to have long, thin claws and a skeletal structure. Supposedly, he was spotted in 2003 in the Northeast.

Jeff the Killer.

Jeff is often described as a pale, black-eyed semi-human. He crawls on all fours while clutching a butcher’s blade. If you see a subtle flash of light outside of your window, it’s probably Jeff, waiting to pounce.

If you research any of these monsters or tales online, you’ll discover many different versions of the stories…and they will all be horrifying.

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