An Anonymous, Masked Man Is Cleaning Up The Streets In Tokyo. Literally.

Remember the last time you said: “What this city needs is someone who wants to clean up the streets?” Well, Tokyo was lucky enough to get just that… but not in the way you probably imagined. 

An anonymous hero decided it was time to clean up the city streets. Instead of fighting crime and drugs, he decided to take that phrase very literally.

Late last October, this want-to-be good Samaritan decided that it was time someone cleaned up the streets of his beloved Tokyo. Not from criminals…. but from TRASH.

Employing his only superpower, the determination to keep the city streets clean, he’s inspired an entire army of volunteers to head out and do their part.

But like any true superhero though, he prefers to keep his identity a secret. Instead, wishing to just be a symbol to others. In fact, he rarely speaks, and when he does, uses an iPhone voice mixer to avoid recognition. BATMAN style!

Since beginning almost a year ago, he’s developed quite the local following, and has been seen branching out to do other good/fun acts for citizens of his city.

Whether they are humans… or furry friends.

But at the end of the day, his message is simple, and remains the same. Do your part.

Want to see more?

(via Oddity Central)

I wonder who this mysterious Mangetsu Man is? He could be anyone. But no matter who he really is, he is doing good work. Hopefully, his acts of kindness will inspire others to keep their own city safe and clean.

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