Some Of The Most Creative Or Unfortunate Names For Local Newspapers. Oh Boy..

When you start a newspaper, you are tasked with several important decisions: Who will write for you? Will there be enough news to report? And of course, what will you name your paper?

Well, it seems that some people have flubbed the last one or at least have taken their stab at owning up to how horrible their town or paper is. These are some of the strangest newspaper names history has given us.  

1.) The Unterrified Democrat

This Missouri newspaper has been in publication for nearly 150 years! Probably because of their unterrified nature.

2.) Porcupine’s Gazette

This paper, printed out of Philadelphia in the late 1700s, was the brainchild of the vocal anti-authoritarian publisher William Cobbett, who often wrote under the pen name Peter Porcupine. Its masthead reflected the title by including an illustration of a porcupine.

3.) De Queen Bee

This De Queen, Arkansas newspaper decided to embrace the quirkiness of its town name.

4.) The Tundra Drums

Sounding more like a metal band name than a newspaper, this Alaskan publication has been around since 1974.

5.) The Jefferson Jimplecute

This Jefferson, Texas publication is one of the oldest newspapers in Texas. The mystery behind its name remains unsolved though, as most of you probably recognize, Jimplecute is not a real word.

6.) Laramie Boomerang

This Wyoming news publication actually began as “The Daily Boomerang” in the late 1800’s.

7.) Trump Of Fame

This paper only lasted 4 years, from 1812-1816 and its weird name is probably one of the reasons the publication failed. No one knows the exact meaning behind the name.

8.) The Tombstone Epitaph

Tombstone, AZ is the home to this wittily named newspaper. They must’ve had quite the sense of humor back in 1880 when this paper first started.

9.) The Daily Tombstone

The rival to The Tombstone Epitaph decided they had to also get creative with their name. The Daily Tombstone began in 1882 and then by 1886 it was called The Daily Tombstone Epitaph, to make for the most grimly named newspaper in the world.

10.) The Canal Of Intelligence


This paper began in 1826, promising its readers a “canal of intelligence.” Too bad they only had enough intelligence to fill that canal for 3 years because the newspaper was finished by 1829.

11.) The Spooner Advocate

No, this isn’t a paper that supports cuddling :(. It is from Spooner, Wisconsin, hence the name.

12.) The Weekly Avalanche

This hilariously named newspaper is shrouded in mystery. For instance the Library of Congress states its publishing dates are 1891-1???.

13.) The Anaconda Standard

MY ANACONDA DON’T WANT NONE UNLESS YOU GOT BUNS, HON! Sorry. I digressed. This Montana newspaper got its name because it is published from Anaconda, Montana.

It’s hard to trust a news organization with a name like that. Some of these just seem like joke names, but I guess you can roll with anything once the name has been decided upon.

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