The Fundamental Law Of Owning A Cat: Never Turn Your Back On Dinner. Yoink!

Owning a cat is great, but sometimes you have to wonder if your special bag of fur really loves you… or is just using you to get to your dinner. Some cats are more subtle about their crimes, but I know as soon as I put my food on the table, the scene quickly turns into a Looney Tunes cartoon. My cat comes up various kooky schemes and disguises to get at it. It’s annoying and also extremely entertaining at the same time.

Below are some of the all-star cat burglars from around the Internet, trying to get a little grub from their humans.

1.) This kitty aviator aims to master the sky so he can swoop in on your burritos.

2.) Real life Garfield. Can’t be bothered to get out of bed.

3.) “My precious!”

4.) This cat noticed you were eating party mix alone, so he brought the party.

5.) I think the most insulting part is him picking through the bowl to find the biggest chip.

6.) Should have gone with a button nose…

7.) Straight out of the most adorable horror movie ever.

8.) By the time you get a fireman to save him, the entire sausage rope will be gone.

9.) This cat would like his sausage in a to-go bag, thanks.

10.) So many levels of “aw” here.

11.) Nah, dude. Maybe we have the same kind of pen, but this one is definitely mine.

12.) Contemplating taking a dip.

13.) Do you believe in love at first sight?

14.) This cat is lovin’ it.

15.) Look at that face! He can have it!

16.) “Oh… heyyyy…”

17.) If you ever wondered if cats actually like milk: Yes. It is basically crack to them.

18.) Fun fact: this picture was used as the promotional picture for Cats, the musical.

19.) “Just lookin’ I promise.”

20.) “Hey, are you using that string dangling out of your drink? ‘Cause I might just take that then.”

21.) These kitties caught you off guard when you set the pail down.

22.) There appears to be some kind of celestial force keeping this kitty from stealing the duster. Could it be guilt?

23.) Hang in there.

24.) This cat goes after bigger fish.

25.) “Yeah I know it says ‘Amanda’, but I can’t read, so…”

Oh, cats! When will you learn that you are smaller and ultimately dumber than us? That’s alright though, we still love your scheming little faces, you tiny bandits.

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