Some Street Ads Are Attention-Grabbing, Whether You Like It Or Not.

You can mute a commercial. You can install ad-blocking software on your browser. You can flip past ads in a magazine. But companies have more tricks up their collective sleeves to get your attention. I’m talking about street advertising, where companies go all out to think of ways to grab your attention, even if you’re not plugged into anything. 

1.) Ariel, demonstrating their whitening prowess.

Ironically, someone will have to scrape this off the gray wall.

2.) Nike, encouraging physical activity.

Some pigeon-feeding enthusiasts are going to be so mad.

3.) IBM, filling Nike’s bench void.

If their ad contract runs out, are we out a bench?

4.) Kit Kat, also filling Nike’s bench void.

This guy is sitting on the wrapper side, just in case.

5.) The Economist, giving a passerby some ideas.

I hope that’s an energy-efficient bulb, though.

6.) Law & Order, using the materials they have.

The desk lamp interrogation gets ’em every time.

7.) The Copenhagen Zoo, suggesting a fun day with the animals.

Insert your own Samuel L. Jackson quote about how tired you are of [expletive deleted] snakes on motor vehicles.

8.) Folgers, inviting you to have some steaming coffee.

I’m not sure if they meant to associate their product with the sewer, but that’s just the coffee snob in me.

9.) Hubba Bubba, describing infinite gum bliss.

I think they have a deal worked out with the area’s dentists.

10.) Sprite, making a bit of a stretch.

Showering in soda doesn’t seem appealing at all.

11.) Adidas, being subtle.

Honestly, I wouldn’t even know this was for the Adidas brand. I’d just avoid this road in a strong wind.

12.) Mars, doing their part to end world hunger, one giant candy bar at a time.

This might cause accidents.

13.) The Superman Movie, disrobing heroically.

So, we’re standing between his work shirt and his hero onesie? Weird.

14.) The Simpsons Movie, being kind of menacing.

Donuts everywhere quaked in fear.

15.) McDonald’s, suggesting lunch.

Gives new meaning to the term “street food.”

16.) Durex, preying on your insecurities.

Although I have to question their use of oblong brown shapes on a bathroom floor.

17.) IWC Schaffhausen, allowing you to try on their wares.

“But I wanted the other color!”

18.) Coca-Cola, being really, really big.

I hope the residents were in some way compensated for having their views obstructed by giant bendy straws.

19.) Axe, keeping it classy.

Oh Axe, you’ve always been steadfast in your women-as-objects campaign.

20.) Ikea, dressing up bus stations.

I hope that couch is water- and dog-pee proof.

Images via AllMyFaves

What do you think of these ads? Are they clever ways to catch your attention using the surroundings? Or do they make you roll your eyes and wish you could just get to work without being pressured to buy something? 

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