You Might Not Have Thought to Put These on Pizza, But Now You Will. Mmmm.

Pizza is a food that is found all over the world. Let’s face it: everyone loves pizza. This import had humble beginnings in Italy, where it originated as herbs and vegetables baked onto flat bread, and has evolved from there. Depending on the place, pizzas can be found sporting a variety of toppings, usually reflective of the local cuisine.

Here’s a sampling of how people across the globe eat pizza. Some may seem strange, but they have to be delicious.

Costa Rica

Coconut and shrimp are the most popular, but ham is a common choice, too.


The pizza is topped with shrimp and mayonnaise, but the most notable part of Chinese pizza is the hot dog crust. Why only have one kind of fast food?



A popular pizza in Palestine features chicken, pine nuts and olive oil all covered with allspice and cinnamon.


In Japan, you can get a pizza with mayonnaise, bacon, corn, potatoes, onion and squid from Domino’s.



Tuna is a popular topping in Germany, either alone or with vegetables.


This popular pizza is called mockba, and is topped with mackarel, tuna, sardines, salmon and onion. It’s also served cold.


Pizza in India is served with mutton and pickled ginger.


You can get fried egg on pizza pretty much everywhere, but it’s most popular in France.


Green peas are an incredibly popular topping in Brazil, as are quail eggs, carrots, beets and raisins


Pizzas down under can be found served with barbecue sauce and wild meats like kangaroo, emu and crocodile.

I’m calling my local pizza place right now. I think I’ll skip the emu meat, though.

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