Suddenly, I Don’t Mind Selfies That Much. What This Guy Did Is Awesome.

By now, pretty much everyone and their mother has either seen or undertaken one of those “selfie-a-day” projects. Most people seem to do them for at least a year, sometimes a little more. That’s where Youtube user dumo comes in.

His selfie-a-day project has been going on since September 2006.

He recently cut together all of the 2,900 photos of his project so far. The resulting video spans nearly 8 years of his life from September 2006 until August 2014.

But he didn’t stop there. Instead of taking the photos against a static background, his position in every photo is just slightly altered. The result is that the final video looks like a stop motion film of him walking around his house.

Check out the full video below.

And if that wasn’t enough awesome selfie for you. He’s also working on similar time lapse video of his son.

(Via: Petapixel)

That is some serious dedication to the art of selfie-ing. Not sure I would ever have the discipline for a project like that.. 

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