Tiny Hummingbird Caught In A Wad Of Chewing Gum Gets An Incredible Rescue.

We’ve all dealt with the sticky issue of having gum stuck in our hair. There’s a reason why many mothers always warned their children to not fall asleep with that Wrigley’s in their mouths (aside from the obvious choking hazard), but we never really learned our lesson until we had to sit through the headache of peanut butter, ice cubes, and every other supposed remedy under the sun. After all of that pulling and scrubbing, most moms would ultimately lop off the chunk of hair. (You were probably thinking of rocking bangs, anyway.)

Now, imagine your whole body is roughly the size of that piece of gum and going through the same ordeal. That’s what happened to this little hummingbird who was discovered hopelessly stuck to the ground. Luckily, the family, including an adorable three year old narrating the whole thing, was able to extricate him and send him on his happy way.

“Is it stuck? It is stuck!”

“He wants to get out of there.”

“That baby bird is really cute.”

“He doesn’t say anything.”

“He go-ed over it.”

(H/T: The Dodo.)

You can watch the full video here:

Because of hummingbirds extremely high metabolism, they’re almost constantly eating. If this family hadn’t shown up, this one might have burned through all the energy he needs to survive. Thank goodness they came along. We should all be more careful about where our waste ends up.

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