Firefighters In Washington Saved The Lives Of Sweet Hamsters Caught In Flames.

It’s easy to lose track of little things when tragedy strikes. Although, that wasn’t the case for the expert firefighters of Lacey, Washington, who extinguished flames and melted our hearts.

The crew from District 3 tweeted their arrival to the mobile home and kept the community updated on their progress.

The flames, caused by unattended clothes in a dryer, were quickly extinguished. The firefighters then began to investigate inside the home.

They discovered a family of five tiny hamsters suffering from smoke inhalation.

The crew worked fast to get oxygen to the little guys using tiny oxygen masks on the parents, Oreo and Madonna, and their three babies.

The Lacey Fire Department provides this guidebook to make sure all residents receive the rescue they deserve.

(H/T: Mashable.)

Thanks to the crew’s dedication to saving every life, no matter how small, four of the five hamsters were able to make a full recovery. Thank you, Lacey Fire Department!

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