Rare Photos From The Front Lines And At Home During World War II Are Stunning.

World War II, the last great war, changed the world. In fact, the effects of it can still be felt around the world today. Many of the official photos from the war have made their way into countless history textbooks. Most Americans are raised on these photos of bravery and heroism. 

However, there are still thousands of rare and color photos from both sides of the war that aren’t as common to see. Here is just a small sample of those photographs. Photos from all sides of the war are mixed together here. Some are of German soldiers, some American soldiers, some Japanese soldiers, and some of the home front. 

Together they paint a united picture of war that is devastating and heartbreaking no matter what side of the conflict you’re on. 

These images are powerful. It really makes you think about the sacrifices every nation’s soldiers made during that last great war. Nowadays, it’s easy to forget just what people have sacrificed in the past to help create our country today. 

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