Artist Gary Lockwood Knows That Sneakers Are More Than Just Shoes.

An artist named Gary Lockwood has discovered a new use for sneakers: gas-masks. While certainly not the most-likely source of material for mask-making, Lockwood turns these sneakers into unique and stylish works of art. Have a pair of sneakers lying around? Well check out the designs below and maybe you’ll be inspired to put your sneakers to a more artistic use. 

Would you think that sneakers like these could be turned into something completely different? With the right artist’s vision, they most certainly can be.

Artist Gary Lockwood chose to use sneakers to design stylish gas masks. And the results are pretty crazy.

Each mask is unique in its style and overall design, making each mask interesting in its own way.

Without the logo, I would have no idea that this mask was made from sneakers. The artistry that goes into these masks is pretty incredible.

While unique and cool, these gas masks are still a little bit creepy…

And it would be quite a statement to wear one of these gas masks around for Halloween. You’d be cool/stylish and creepy/frightening at the same time. But maybe that’s what you’re going for?


These gas masks are really awesome and obviously come from someone with some serious talent. Check out more of Gary Lockwood’s work here. And maybe you’ll see some trendy trick-or-treaters sporting one of these slick masks. 

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