Peeking Into The House A Murderer Called Home Is Beyond Bizarre

It came as no surprise when it was revealed that one North Carolina man had a troubled past. Neighbors thought Pazuzu Algarad was a weirdo when he changed his name to that of the demon from The Exorcist, but changing your name isn’t illegal. That alone should have tipped off authorities…but it’s a gruesome act of violence that got him caught. He and his unofficial “wife” have been accused of murdering innocent men in 2009. He and Amber Burch are also accused of helping the other bury the bodies in the backyard of the home they share.

Recently, photos have been released of that very home, and they are horrific. Pasuzu was a self-proclaimed “devil worshiper.” As such, the routinely sacrificed animals for their hearts and blood. (Which is why there were animal carcasses scattered throughout the house.) Also making an appearance: trash, satanic symbols and an extremely rancid smell.

Here’s the front door. Something tells me that skull isn’t just there for Halloween.

Welcome to your nightmare!

Why do psychopaths decorate their home the way rebellious 9th graders decorate their binders?

I think the Satanic pentagram is kinda redundant at this point.

For a guy that brutally kills animals, he sure has a lot of pictures of them in his bathroom. Also does he brush his teeth with whiskey?

Police found a lot of trash just lying about in the house. Also this. I don’t know what it is, but it’s definitely gross.

This is a room that is just trash. This is the trash room.

The creepiest part about this message is that he uses two different colors. Dude’s a hell of a calligraphist.

Kind of makes me angry that this murderer can afford a pool and I can’t.

Here is the backyard where they found the bodies.

In this picture you realize that minus the pentagram on the chimney, this could be any regular old house in a suburban neighborhood.

Our host himself.

I suppose it would be just as likely for a murderer to have a obsessively clean house, but this feels almost too obvious that this guy kills people, right? Pazuzu’s next court date is April 30, 2015. The victims of the satanic couple’s violence were identified as 37-year-old Joshua Fredrick Wetzler and 36-year-old Tommy Dean Welch.

This twisted couple took the lives of two people…and hopefully justice is found.

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