You’ll Be Shocked When You Find Out Why This Man Was Eating Out Of A Dumpster.

With $165 billion worth of perfectly good food is thrown out each year, it seems like the odds are in your favor when it comes to fishing for something decent to eat in the dumpsters behind supermarkets and other grocery stores. Howevre, that doesn’t make it any easier to see environmental activist Rob Greenfield eating straight from the giant garbage bins.

Every day for a month, Rob dined on dumpster food. Your disgust shouldn’t be focused on his chowing down on garbage food. In fact, you should focus on why people thought this perfectly good food should be thrown away. Perhaps it’s not appealing enough to be sold at full-price, but with nearly 50 million Americans who don’t know for sure whether they’ll have food on their plates tonight, you have to wonder if this food could be going to a better place than a dumpster.

Take a look at Rob Greenfield’s meals and see if you think the wasting of food in this country is out of hand.  

If you take away the dumpster, that actually seems like quite the fresh breakfast.

How is that garbage?

Wait–this was all going to go to waste? That’s ridiculous.

Let’s get this food to people who need it more than a dumpster does.

(via Elite Daily)

If you agree with Rob Greenfield that the we need to do something about the amount of food we waste each day, you can tweet at your local supermarket or grocery store with the hashtag #DonateNotDump, tell the stores’ manager about the Good Samaritan Act, and be conscious of what you yourself throw out each day.

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