I Can’t Comprehend Why Anyone Would Put This Stuff Into Their Body. Wow.

If you’re feeling bad about the donut you ate for breakfast this morning, relax. At least you didn’t eat batteries. (And some people actually do that.) They might have fewer calories, but I’ll take a fattening cream or jelly filling over an acidic one any day of the week.

If you think snacking on batteries is strange, you have no idea. People have eaten the weirdest things…

1.) Spoon

3.) Engagement Ring

4.) Coins

5.) Magnets

6.) Cobblestones

7.) Key

8.) Pen

9.) Bottle

10.) Nail

11.) Live Frogs

12.) Cutlery

13.) Batteries

14.) Grenade

15.) Light Bulb

16.) Fork

17.) Giant Hairball

18.) Twin’s Fetus

19.) Bed Springs

20.) Cell Phone

21.) Plane Propeller

22.) Surgical Forceps

23.) Methamphetamine

24.) Scissors

25.) Live Eel

(via list25)

Whoa. Those people must have had some seriously painful stomach aches. That said, I can’t help but feel like I’m at least a little bit in the mood for one of those delicious nails. Seems pretty hard to swallow, but it shouldn’t be too bad if I throw some hot sauce on it.

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