Never Fear, These Baby Animals Have Arrived to Cheer You Up.

When you’re feeling down, just remember two words: baby animals. With their tiny feet and round heads, there’s nothing better for getting over the blahs. Peruse our gallery of wee creatures and feel your spirits lift.  

1.) The leeeettlest leeeezard.

2.) Raaaar!

3.) You know you want to rub my belly.

4.) You can just HEAR this lil quacker.

5.) A perfect place for a nap!

6.) I don’t even know what animal this is, but I wanna snuggle it.

7.) This puffy bird found a perfect perch!

8.) Not just a baby duck, a SLEEPY baby duck.

9.) Goin’ to the beach…eventually.

10.) Kitteh is not amused.

11.) Just gonna hitch a ride here.

12.) Hello there, hoomin friend!

13.) Out for a stroll with the family.

14.) This lil moo is already stylish.

15.) Baby dolphin AND mini penguin? Oh goodness!

16.) It might not be fluffy, but a baby pangolin sure is cute.

17.) Baby fox is on the hunt.

18.) A baby echidna is called a puggle. Because they totally needed to be even cuter.

19.) Baby goats contemplating the universe.

20.) Otter-ly cute.

Now take a deep breath and look at them again. Feeling better already, right? Great!

(Images via FullPunch)

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