This Smart Genet In South Africa Grabs Rides With His Bigger Buddies.

The Wildlife Act Team employs several cameras throughout different South African deserts as part of their animal monitoring system. And there’s one cute critter who can’t seem to get enough of the limelight.

At the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park (HiP), a genet (a small wildcat-like animal) is delighting crew members who discovered his unusual way of getting around at night. 

He hitches a ride with his much larger friend, this buffalo.

This way, the genet stays safe and gets a great view of the desert.

Wildlife Act’s director Dr. Simon Morgan explains the mutual benefit for the buffalo likely comes when the genet helps him out with bugs by his ears.

Which might be why this rhino enjoys his company as well!

Wildlife Act is positive this is the same genet grabbing another ride from a big buddy.

They joke about the animals being in a silly love triangle.

You can see in this photo of the three together (the genet is by the buffalo’s legs) that tensions do seem a bit high.

The trio simply went their separate ways, and the genet got a lift.

The more I see images of wildlife, the more I understand Disney movies. Those cartoons really don’t seem like much of a stretch when it comes to these adorable friendships.

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