Meet Chip The Dog, The Most Adorable (And Unique) Farmhand You’ll Ever See.

When it comes to farm dogs, you’re probably more familiar with those whose job it is to rein in a flock roaming sheep. But for this cute kelpie living the farm life in Victoria, Australia, it’s all about the birds.

His name is Chip and his day job involves wrangling up to 2,500 emus at a time on the Longview Emu Farm, run by Jeff Long and his partner Bev Littlejohn.

With around 8,000 emus total at the farm, it’s one of the biggest in all of Australia.

The 8 year old pooch is spry and efficient while he rounds the younger emus into their pens.

Long explains that the work Chip completes in 10 minutes would take Littlejohn and himself hours to finish.

He may look grump here, but Long says Chip would never harm the birds.

In fact, he loves his bird friends and plays games with them.

He especially loves when they peck at his feet. He must be ticklish!

Once the emus are older and in the paddock, it’s impossible to herd them so Chip acts mostly as body guard.

He rides along in the back of Long’s four-wheeler to keep the larger emus from pecking at the farmer.

The rowdy birds once actually stole the keys from the four wheeler. Long now keeps them chained to the handlebars.

It’s all in a day’s work for this helpful hound.

(via Daily Telegraph.)

I think he’s more than earned an employee of the month award. He’s definitely won over all our hearts!

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