This Is What Happened When 150 Artists Took Over an Island. It’s Magical.

In an effort to revitalize one of the oldest villages in Tunisia, artist Mehdi Ben Cheikh led an awesome project. He and the Galerie Itinerrance (France) created a plan to make Erradh, on the island of Djerba, awesome. They rounded up 150 street artists from 30 countries around the world and set them loose in the village.

The artists worked tirelessly, creating original works of art on the village’s walls. The result was a town-wide, open-air art museum, open to all last summer. The project, named for the island, was called Djerbahood.

Many of the images draw inspiration from the village and its rich cultural history. The pieces feature local fashions, plants, animals, and adaptations of the region’s artistic motifs. There are large-scale figurative works, as well as abstract designs that echo traditional Islamic art. Not only that, but there are some fun images, too.

Via Djerbahood|Galerie Itinerrance|MyModernMet

This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. With 150 artists creating multiple pieces each, there’s plenty more to see. You can check out each piece in detail on Djerbahood’s website

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