21 Twin Animals Who Serve Up A Double Dose Of Cuteness.

You may think of twins as a human phenomena, but it occurs in our animal friends’ families, too. We gloss over it because breeds and species look like their brothers and sisters. Litters are born every day full of adorable fuzzy faces that look alike, yet they’re not quite identical.

It’s rare, but these photos prove that it can happen. And it’s double the cuteness, double the fun.

1.) These puffy poodles might want to have a word with their groomer.

2.) Their twin power is staring into your soul and making it smile.

3.) A pair of tuckered out pups.

4.) Balancing on one leg is easier with a buddy.

5.) These two look like giggling gossips.

6.) They’re always up for some squirrel talk.

7.) Stunning sister cats.

8.) Just a couple of goofballs.

9.) Tiny twins still pack a cuteness double whammy.

10.) Gorgeous mountain goats.


11.) Happy hedgehog buddies.

12.) They’re probably arguing over which is cuter.

13.) These owls cannot believe how many twins there are.

14.) Fancy a couple of fantastic fillies?

15.) Double dopey dogs.

16.) Why have one when you can have two?

17.) The sweater swagger is off the charts.

18.) So elegant and classy.

19.) Cutest nap time buddies ever.

20.) Bottle bros.

21.) This pair of hares is hearing something…

(via Bored Panda.)

…They hear us nearly overdosing on so much cuteness. There’s just too much of it to handle!

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