Lies, Lies, Lies. We Can’t Stop Laughing At These Advertised Fibs!

I couldn’t wait to open my presents on Christmas morning in 1992. I wanted an awesome Nerf gun. The kids on the box used it to save the world. If they had that much fun taking down the evil villain, just imagine how much fun I could have terrorizing my little brother.

But when I opened the box and saw the “reality” of my present…well, you know what happened. I found out Hasbro stretched the truth quite a bit.

This devastated me at the time, but it’s pretty funny in retrospect. After all, if the power of the Nerf guns were exaggerated by that much, then other products had it even worse, right? Right.

1. How could you NOT buy this for your kid?

Oh. That’s why.

2. Santa’s getting a little cheap this year, kids.

3. Technically it’s in North America…

4. So, who can I call in your “I’m going to sue you for lying” department?

5. This is…wrong?

6. Hey Courtney, I know a good copyright lawyer if you need one.

7. I thought I wanted to stay at this amazing Hyatt…

…until I actually saw that THEY LIED!

8. To infinity and (not) beyond.

9. This is 10000% right.

10. Wow, that pool looks awesome…

…except it’s really FAIL feet wide.

11. Ahh…clever?

12. LOLOL.

13. The hinges beg to differ.

14. Just another advertisement for paradise…

…but in reality!

15. #lies

16. Why even do that?

17. Perhaps we need to look in the dictionary under “stupid?”

18. Again, 10000% accurate.

19. Big Brother Apple?

20. Oh, does that 1990s stock photo look a little too perfect?

…well you’re right, because it looks like this.

21. Fact!

22. And finally, the ultimate lie.

(via eBaum’s World)

Now I feel better about the awful Nerf gun. Thank goodness I didn’t get any of these misfits instead!

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