Bullies Made A Kid’s Life Miserable Until A Football Star Did This For Him.

Billy’s life was being made a living hell by bullies who targeted him due to his teeth and awkward walk. That’s when football superstar J.J. Watt stepped in to help little Billy.

The defensive end for the Houston Texans heard about Billy and decided to give him a huge surprise and spend some quality time with him, brightening the child’s day and giving him some hope for the future.

(Source: NewsPlanet)

This story has an even happier ending. After this story went viral, a dentist in the Houston area left this comment on the video’s YouTube page:

After watching this video, I reached out to the producers of the show and my company and I will be working on this little guys teeth. Yes, as a Houstonian and fan of JJ, this clip was viewed by me mainly because of JJ… But I work in the dental field and quickly noticed that Billy needed orthodontic treatment, and my attention and heart were quickly won over by Billy. Billy is coming in Thursday for his first consultation.

Some time after leaving that message, the Good Samaritan followed up by posting this:

He has been having braces for almost two months now. He is very charismatic and feeling more confident. He even mentioned to us that he had two girlfriends (LOL). Things have changed for this little guy, all for the best.

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